Good Home Staging is Key to Selling Your Home

Experts estimate that 98% of today's home buyers search the internet before going to see a house in person. In fact, some have already decided they love a house before they even set foot in it! That's why all photos and virtual tours of your home need to be as attractive and up to date as possible.

Home staging is the art of positioning your belongings and furniture in a way that optimizes the space and attracts the right buyers. This can be done using your existing furnishings or by supplementing them with rented items. I stage homes for the sales process or simply for the photo and virtual tour shoot.

What differentiates me from other home stagers is my respect for your existing furnishings. I know these items mean something to you, and I keep that in mind as I assess and formulate my plans. 

Home staging services include:

  • Preparing your space for photography
  • Helping you decide what needs to be put in storage during the sales process
  • Arranging furniture and decor to optimize the functionality of your space

If you're trying to sell your home, let me help you make it appealing to the right buyers. Contact me today to get started.